Our Mission Statement

"To empower young people of all cultures, abilities & diverse backgrounds to forge community connections through inclusive football."


Our Vision

"To be an innovative leader in social change through inclusive football programs & provide pathways for young people to expand and deepen their social and support networks."

Our Programs


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One Culture Football is using the "World Game" to target young people aged 13 to 25 from CALD & New Arrival backgrounds to create positive engagement opportunities and personal development whilst forging community connections with local sporting clubs, community leaders, youth services, council and other organisations. 


Disability Soccer Programme

One Culture Football runs "Inclusive Football Programs" which gives opportunities for individuals aged 6 to 65 living with a disability or condition to engage in regular football coaching and games. The program focuses not only on football but also gross motor skills, self-confidence, self-esteem as well as health and wellbeing.

“This is an extraordinary service provided by inspiring coaches. Our son and daughter love learning soccer with you. Your patience, skill teaching and opportunities are wonderful.”
                             - Gina Lee
 ACNC Registered charity
 Proudly supported by Ra

Proudly supported by Ra